The Topeka Stars have been around since 1977 and have seen close to 1000 players come through the program over those years and have sent players to most colleges throughout the Midwest. So what do some of those colleges, former players and parents have to say about the Topeka Stars program?



College Coaches


Greg Brummett

Cloud County Community College

Head Coach

“I truly appreciate what the Topeka Stars organization is accomplishing in the state of Kansas.  They do a fantastic job of developing young players, providing them with quality coaching and exposing them to some of the best competition in the nation.  We have recruited and signed several great players from their organization and I can honestly say that they produce players that are ready to compete at the college level.  I would recommend the Stars program to anyone that wants their son to be a part of an organization that cares about their players not only on the field, but off the field as well.”  




Vern Henricks

Manhattan Christian College

Head Coach

(Parent of former Stars player Jordan Henricks 2004-2005)

(Stars former assistant coach)

I appreciate the effort that Frank and Matt put into this program to provide young men with an opportunity to reach their goals.  I have observed and experienced their efforts both personally and professionally as a parent and coach.  The Topeka Stars program is a comfortable, affordable, and educational experience that would be good for anyone.  They truly strive to help each player reach the level of their goals and I appreciate the time they put in for the benefit of each young man.



Val McLean

Allen County Community College

Head Coach

The Topeka Stars run a class act. They play great competition and prepare young athletes for college level play. We have recruited some great athletes from the Stars in the past that have made a big impact for our program. It is a program that you want to recruit from every year.



Steve Murray

Neosho County Community College

Head Coach

The Stars do a tremendous job preparing players for the college game.  The track record speaks for itself when you see where all the former players have gone on to play their college baseball.  We know that when we get a player who has played for the Stars that they have been coached the right way, and will represent our program in a first class manner.



Joe Reed

Ottawa University

Head Coach

There are numerous showcase type of high school level baseball programs out there and each promise certain common things such as exposure, development, and personal attention during the pursuit of obtaining college scholarship opportunities.  In my experience, I have found only a small handful of such teams and the Topeka Stars program has not only lived up to that standard, but has superseded it.  The personal contact with college and professional scouts, the time it takes to insure quality competition, the high level of instruction, and the top notch character makes the Topeka Stars a distinctively distinguished program. 



John Hill

Fort Scott Community College

Head Coach

“The Topeka Stars organization teaches baseball to be played the right way. You can always count on players from their organization to love the game, compete from the first to last pitch, and play hard.”



Tye Hallowell

Independence Community College

Head Coach

The Topeka Stars organization is the kind of program we like to sign players from.  It is apparent when you see them play that there is a commitment to the game by their players and coaches.  When you look at where their players have gone and how well they have done, it is also apparent that they do an excellent job of preparing their players to succeed at the next level.



Kyle Crookes

Hutchinson Community College

Head Coach

"I have been watching showcase baseball for quite some time now in the Mid West and the Topeka Stars organization does a great job of teaching the values of the game that are often overlooked by other organizations. Playing hard, getting better, and learning the game properly. Getting a player from the Stars program is definitely a priority for us here."



Andy Morgan

Coffeyville Community College

Head Coach

"The Topeka Stars do a tremendous job of preparing their kids for college baseball. Recruiting their players is a priority for the Coffeyville Baseball Program because I know the type of player I am getting. Tough, hard working, knowledgeable baseball players are what we are looking for, and the Topeka Stars have those players."



Steve Johnson

Butler County Community College

Head Coach

"The Topeka Stars organization is one that I have followed and recruited from for a long time now.  What separates them from many of the other programs is the hands on teaching and genuine interest that Frank and Matt give the kids.  They do an outstanding job of preparing their athletes for the next level and spend a great amount of time promoting the players to the college coaches.”



Ryan Carter

Colby Community College

Head Coach

“We at Colby Community College look to programs like the Topeka Stars for quality players.  We know that we are getting a player who is well coached and prepared to play immediately at the college level.  Year after year the Jayhawk Conference is full of players with ties to the Topeka Stars”




Chris Atkins

Cloud County Community College

Assistant Coach

Topeka Stars



Cloud CCC



Washburn University



Washburn Assistant

2006 – 2008

Cloud Assistant

2008 - Present

The Topeka Stars is a great organization with tremendous history of developing young players and sending them on to the next level. Frank and Matt care about their players and do everything they can to develop them to be the best they can. As a former player for the Stars, Frank and Matt put together a very tough schedule that got me ready for college baseball. As a college coach, the Topeka Stars organization is always worthy of recruiting young talent.



Former Stars Players



Shawn Joy

Topeka Stars



Cloud County CC



S. Illinois University



New York Yankees

Rookie League



Frontier League

Traverse City


Playing with the stars gave me a chance to compete against quality teams and play with the best players in the Midwest area.


Every time we stepped on the field we played in front of many scouts and collegiate coaches.



Blaine Matthews

Topeka Stars



Cloud County



Mercer University


Matt and Frank run a high class program that really gets you ready for the next level. I played a season of fall ball, and a summer with the Topeka Stars and I can tell anyone that you will get more looks on the Topeka Stars than any other program out there. Not to mention the competition they schedule was the best in the Midwest and beyond. I have succeeded in signing a Division 1 scholarship recently, and without the help of Matt and Frank in my past, I don't think that would have been possible.



Pictured in upper left hand corner

Scott Lee

Topeka Stars



Barton County



Washburn University


Topeka Stars baseball is what put me in college. I played 20 games a year before meeting Frank Magee...then I was playing 100 games. Frank helped me with my pitching for two years and I received a scholarship through his program. If it wasn't for the Topeka Stars and Frank Magee, I would never have had the opportunities I received.



Chris Contee

Topeka Stars



Washburn University




Playing baseball with the Topeka Stars is a life changing experience. I played with the Topeka Stars for one fall and was exposed to numerous opportunities to grow not only as a player but as a person. When you play with the Stars you are exposed to proven practice schedules and are put against the best competition day in and day out. If you want to play baseball in college or beyond the Topeka Stars will give you everything you need to achieve that goal. I played with the Stars and played four years at Washburn University on a baseball scholarship. With the coaching and competition you will receive and face with the Topeka Stars the sky is the limit. The Topeka Stars will prepare you for the future and will give you the edge you need to succeed both on the field and in life.



Daniel Heflin

Topeka Stars



Johnson County



Georgia College


The summer of 2003 was the only year I played for the Topeka Stars and Frank Magee and I can honestly say that it was a summer I will never forget. I was one of those guys who thought you had to get out of Topeka and pay a bunch of money to be seen by college coaches. This is what I did for two summers by playing for a team in Wichita.

After playing for the Stars I realized that we were always at the same tournaments as the other teams that charge $2,000 - $3,000 to play summer baseball for 2 ½ months. You won’t find another coach who loves the game or coaches with as much enthusiasm as Frank. The cost to play with the Stars is not enough to run a summer baseball program. Until recently, with the cost of tournaments increasing there wasn’t a cost to play for the Stars. Frank would always foot the bill because he loves what he does and cares about developing quality college players and most of all, quality people.

Frank and Matt will do their best to get their players to the next level where they can succeed not only athletically, but academically. I owe a lot to the Topeka Stars for helping me get recruited to Johnson County and eventually playing for a Top 5 Division II school in the country. (Georgia College & State University- Milledgeville, GA)

The Topeka Stars are a first class program run by people who know the game of baseball and have been developing players in the Topeka area for over 30 years. If you want to play quality baseball against the top competition in the country, I highly recommend the Topeka Stars.



Tyson Yager

Topeka Stars



Missouri Western



The 2 years I played for the Topeka Stars was a first class experience. Frank taught us how to become better players and how to excel at the game of baseball. The Stars coaches are passionate about baseball and getting their players plugged into programs that will further their careers. Playing for the Stars got us all exposure to scouts from all over the Midwest and because of that I was offered a scholarship to Missouri Western University. The Stars have been able to maintain a very high level of competition because of the quality players that play for the Stars year in and year out. I had the opportunity to play in the Babe Ruth World Series in New Hampshire and the NBC World Series in Arkansas. I have been around the game of baseball for 25 years and I have never met someone as dedicated to the game of baseball as Frank Magee. He poured countless hours and dollars into making us all better players and for that I am proud to say that I played baseball for the Topeka Stars.



Scott Jessop

Topeka Stars



Washburn University



Stars Hall of Fame



"Years ago, I was fortunate to play for the Topeka Stars. At the time, I was by far not the best player, but Frank Magee gave me an opportunity. Playing for a great coach and with outstanding teammates helped develop my skills. Playing on and against high caliber teams also gave us players the extra exposure needed to get noticed by college coaches. After playing for the Stars I continued my baseball career by playing four successful years on scholarship at Washburn University." -- Scott Jessop



Bottom row 5th from the right.

Brett Starbuck

Topeka Stars



Hutchinson CC



Washburn University




I played with the Topeka Stars during the 1997 and 1998 fall seasons and the 1999 summer season. Frank Magee opened up a lot of doors for me to be scene by many college coaches and MLB scouts through the schedule he puts together every year.

I enjoyed my time playing with Coach Magee. He will work as hard for you as a coach as you do for him as a player. If you are wanting to play baseball at the collegiate level, Coach Magee will ensure his players get that opportunity.



Mike Caywood

Topeka Stars





Playing for the Stars was such a thrill and honor. Being on the team that won the first State championship and looking back on the talent that we had. I wouldn't trade those two summers for anything. Now days when you mention that you played for the Stars most everyone involved in competitive baseball knows about how great they play and are coached. I tell Dylan stories all the time about the monstrous home runs that Jimmie Collins used to hit or how Lovendahl used to throw the ball back to me harder than I was pitching. The plays Todd Peters made at short and how easy Todd Miller used to make centerfield look. Oh and how could I forget the stretches by Darrin at first and those wicked line drives DJ used to grab at third. Finally, what put it all together was the constant humor and fun we had in the dugout by the true leaders of our team Mark Hopkins and Terry Streetman. Those were the days Matt and those are the memories that I look back on and I would recommend to any high school student who wants to develop as a baseball player, that playing for the Stars will certainly enhance their chances of continuing on their playing careers.




Brian Ayers

Topeka Stars



Friends University



Friends University

Assistant coach





Having the opportunity to play for the Stars during the summer of 2000 was easily the greatest summer of baseball I was ever apart of. Not only did I have a tremendous amount of fun with the rest of the players on the team, I also learned a considerable amount about the game that really got me prepared for college level baseball. The competition was played at a very high level as well and when I arrived at college I realized that the competition we faced during the summer was on par with what I was seeing at there. Also, being able to play in New Hampshire in the Babe Ruth World Series was one of the most exciting experiences of my baseball career. I would never hesitate to highly recommend playing for the Topeka Stars to anyone considering it. After I played for the Stars, I continued my baseball career playing at an All-American level at Friends University. Playing for the Stars will certainly prepare any player for college baseball.





Mark Newton

Topeka Stars



Barton CC



Missouri Western




"My time with the Topeka Stars is one of the best memories I have of my baseball career. In their program, the exposure you receive as a young player is unmatched, and the level of play prepared me well for the competition I would face in college ball. The Stars are definitely an elite baseball program in the state of Kansas."




Brian Martinek

Topeka Stars



Washburn University






As a former player and a coach for the Topeka Stars, I feel as though I have a unique perspective on how the organization is run. 


I played for the Stars in the summer of 2003.  I was not one of those players still in the recruiting process, as I had already signed at Washburn.  The previous summer I played for one of those “other” teams that promised  you’d be recruited by the biggest and best baseball schools and charged you $1000 to play (now around $3000).  Unfortunately I was not left with many options while at the same time I was a little lighter in the wallet.  In 2003, my last summer before college, I stayed close to home and played with a few of my friends on the Stars.  Even though I already signed with a school, Frank and Matt still gave me the same amount of attention, instruction, and guidance that they gave all the other players that were going through the recruiting process.  They teach the proper fundamentals of the game and how to play it the correct way, and they schedule competition against top quality opponents.  As a player, you not only develop and improve your baseball skills, but you also grow and mature as a person throughout a summer with the Stars.  Matt and Frank make the transition from high school to college baseball much easier for their players by creating an environment similar to what they will encounter when they report on campus to fall practice.


After a long first season of college baseball (and breaking my wrist in the last month of the season), I wanted to take a break from playing and just go through baseball workouts during the summer of 2004.  Frank approached me about helping coach that summer.  I had always had the desire to coach, so I jumped at the opportunity.  I was still able to play during some of the 19 and over tournaments, but the time I spent with Frank and Matt going over lineups, pitching rotations, 3rd base coaching strategies, and where we’d eat our post-game meals was the most beneficial and fun part of that 2004 summer.  I saw the game from a different angle, and it truly helped in my development as a player.  I only played college baseball for one more season, but I’ve coached many sports teams since then and I can credit the Topeka Stars for helping me coach and teach the game of baseball the right way.   They instill in the players a foundation of hard work, respect, and discipline.  Playing with the Topeka Stars will give you an opportunity to become a better player and also a prepare you to be a better person in whatever walk of life you choose.







Parents and families



John Ayers

(Parent of Brian Ayers - 2000)

(assistant coach Stars – 2000)

I had the privilege of spending the summer of 2000 with Frank Magee
and the Topeka Stars. My son was fortunate to play for Frank that summer
and I was also allowed the privilege to assist Frank with some of the
coaching duties. Frank is a wonderful person and a marvelous baseball
coach. He is very even tempered and easy to get along with on and off the
baseball field. All the players developed a great respect for Coach Magee.
The players, and this coach, all learned a great deal from Frank. If I had
other son's I would not hesitate to allow them the opportunity to spend the
summer on one of Coach Magee's teams. The baseball season of 2000 was
spectacular and was one of the best and most enjoyable summers of baseball
that my son and I ever experienced. If you are considering playing for
Coach Magee, and have any questions as to my experience with the Coach and
the Topeka Stars, please fell free to contact me at 785-478-3238.

John Ayers