2009 Fall Scrimmage Teams


Game 1 players are listed below if you are on Team Hess or Team Yager then you need to be at the field at 12:30pm at SCABA on Sunday August 16th ready to start stretching this doesn’t mean show up at 12:30pm and get dressed and at 12:45 start stretching it means at 12:30pm you will be in your group stretching.. If there is a practice still going on when we arrive I expect you to get in your respective teams and start stretching on the side and throwing so we can get started as close to 1pm as possible. Your team Stretching leader is highlighted. There will be no pregame again we will try to get started as close to possible at 1pm.






















Team Hess




Team Yager



1) Bowers, Trevor




1) Carlson, John



2) Foerg, Colby




2) Pressgrove, Josh



3) Hess, Garrett




3) Seele, Tyler



4) Neumann, Karl




4) Nitcher, Tyler



5) Martinek, Christian




5) Zirkle, Cody



6) Shields, Riley




6) Ogden, Austin



7) Proctor, Scott




7) Sharples, Justin



8) Jackson, Storm




8) Burns, Conor



9) Burdiek, Wesley




9) Starr, Aaron



10) Reddick, Buster




10) Backman, Dylan



11) Hartzfield, Brett




11) Boudeman, Mitchell


12) Brown, Dylan




12) Killian, Conor



13) Redlin, Steven




13) Spring, Zack





Game 2 players are listed below if you are playing on Team Sweezy or Team Magee you need to be at the field at 2:00pm

on August 16th ready to start stretching. This doesn’t mean show up at 2pm and get dressed and at 2:15 start stretching that

means at 2pm you are ready to be in your group and stretching. You will have to do this on the side off the field as game one

will still be going on. I expect you to start throwing and be ready to take the field at 2:30pm sharp. Your team stretching

 leader is highlighted.


Team Sweezy




Team Magee



1) McKnight, Cody




1) Cheray, Eric



2) Owen, Mack




2) McFarland, Jake



3) Marple, CJ




3) Bervert, Chris



4) Varney, Thomas




4) Flannagan, Brandon



5) Hogan, Zach




5) Perez, TJ



6) Thompson Nolan




6) Suell, Andy



7) Burdiek, Evan




7) Nuss, Alex



8) Buhler, Skylor




8) Mottley, Tyler



9) Trudo, Lane




9) Blankenship, Ryan



10) Lauts, John




10) Mickens, Zak



11) Conner, Preston




11) Ferrell, Grant



12) Mattas, Storm




12) McKNight, Colton



13) Wulfkuhle, Blake




13) Mack, Dylan



14) Lindsey, Brock








Please note that there is no reason you are on any specific team here except I had to split the position players up as much as

possible to assure each team had enough players at each position. Everyone is going to play in these games and we are going

to do this again on Wednesday in the same teams so if you did not get to pitch or play a position you wanted to on Sunday

please be patient as I will be using different people on Wed. If you know you are not going to be present for Sunday or next

Wednesday please contact Matt as soon as possible at Admin@TopekaStars.org or on my cell (316)516-3710 thanks!