Great Plains Shootout Fan information

What your coach was told more than 2 weeks prior to the tourney!

1)     Gate fee of $5 per day or $15 for the 4-day weekend will be required

a.     This is for ANYONE that is not a college coach, one of the current 24 team's players that can be found on a current roster and the 24 team's coaches that can be found on the team's website.

                                                              i.      All coaches both college and participating teams will be required to sign in with the team they represent and MUST be wearing a team jersey.

                                                            ii.      If information cannot be verified the coaches' will not be allowed in the following day without full payment from previous day and current day!

                                                         iii.      Any conflict with Gate workers will result in removal from the park and Police being contacted.

b.     Kids 5 and under are free

2)     4 fields would be used. Hummer, Washburn, SCABA, Seaman

a.     That directions to all sites were on our website

3)     This is a wood bat tourney ONLY!

4)     Team would get 3 bats and a wood fungo but must be:

a.     A coach to pick them up

b.     With valid contact information

                                                              i.      Only available Wed 6-10pm and Thursday 8am-10pm

1.     At Ramada Inn downtown Hospitality room

a.     Only Frank or Matt Magee can make an exception

5)     Scores will be updated on the web site.

a.     Rain changes or Sunday matchups will be updated on the website

6)     Payment if not received before first pitch of $900 in full is a forfeit.

7)     6 balls per game are provided

a.     Please have your players and parents help with foul balls

b.     Beyond 6 balls teams will be required to alternate their own balls

8)     Players are not to change in the dugout!

a.     Dugouts are to be cleaned before leaving

b.     Team meetings should not happen on the field after games

                                                              i.      Violations of this rule will result in team being banned from tourney in the future.

9)     Trophy presentation will take place at Washburn University Sunday July 7th

10)                        Rain out issues will be dealt with as presented

a.     All changes will be on the website

                                                              i.      Teams that play 2 or more games will get no refunds

Cost of Great Plains Shootout

1) Hummer - $125 per game no lights $250 per game with lights
    a) 10 games per day Thursday, Friday, Saturday =$5,250.00
2) SCABA - $125 per game
    a) 10 games on Thursday = $1,250.00
3) Washburn - $1000 per day + $900 for groundskeepers
     a) 4 days = $4,900
4) Seaman = $125 per game
     a) 6 total games scheduled = $750.00

Field costs = $12,150.00
5) 2 Umps each for 63 total games = $8,820.00
6) Misc. costs (Balls 35 dozen $1400, Bats 3 per team $5000, Trophies $500, Printing $250, Insurance $400, and other $500) = $8,050.00
Total Costs of GPS Tourney = $29,020.00

Your team paid $900
24 teams at $900 = $21,600

Leaving a total of $7,420 that must be made from gate fees to break even.

In 13 years of tourney history this has only happened 1 time. We are not in this to make money that is not the goal we just want to continue funding the tourney for future generations of players.