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Tournament Rules


Designated Hitter: A hitter may be designated to bat for the pitcher. The designated hitter may be used for the pitcher only. The intent to use a designated hitter must be included in the lineup card presented to the umpire-in-chief prior to the game.


Extra Hitter: is NOT allowed.


Courtesy Runners: A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher. The designated runner must be a player who is not in the game and has not appeared in the game. This is intended to be a speed up rule and your runner should be ready when the catcher reaches base. It is not mandatory that you use a courtesy runner.


Re-Entry: Starters may re-enter the game one time. Player must re-enter in the same spot in the batting order. Substitutes may not re-enter.


Run-Rule: All games will be seven innings, unless the visiting team is ahead by 10 or more runs after five innings, or the home team is ahead by 10 or more runs after four and a half innings.


Time Limits: Games will be scheduled two and a half hours apart. All games will be seven innings with no time limit. (Unless shortened by the run rule or due to rain).


Pre-game Infield: There will be no pre-game infield allowed.


Slide/Crash Rule: Any runner is out when the runner does not slide or attempt to avoid a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag. The ball becomes dead at that point. Defensive players do not have the right to block the base path from an offensive player when not in possession of the ball or fielding a ball that is imminent in arrival. In these situations the offensive player should slide or attempt to avoid the defensive player and the penalty for obstruction will be imposed. (Do not take out the catcher) Base runner must slide or attempt to avoid the defensive player on all force plays.


Complete Game: Any game not completed because of inclement weather or other unforeseen developments shall be considered a suspended game and play shall be resumed from the point of suspension.


Additional Rules: the National High School Federation Rule Book will cover anything not covered in this document.


Extra-Inning Games: Games that are tied at the end of seven innings will be allowed to continue up to two additional innings. No game will go more than nine innings. If the game is still tied at the end of nine innings, a tie will be declared. For seeding purposes a tie is not a win or a loss and win loss percentage will be used to determine seeding. (Example: 3-1 is a better record than 2-1-1 but 2-2 is not)


Tie Breakers for POOL:

1) Head to head

2) Least amount of runs allowed among the TIED teams

3) Most runs scored among the TIED teams

4) Coin Flip


Tie Breakers for Wildcards:

1) Head to head

2) Least amount of runs allowed against POOL winner.

3) Most runs scored on POOL winner.

4) run differential on entire pool.


Additionally: While we donít expect this to be a problem with these types of teams we would like to mention it is your responsibility to clean up your dugout after the game in a prompt and timely manner along with exiting the field. We have a lot of games scheduled and to help keep us on time throughout the tournament we need your help in doing this. So please have your players change outside the dugouts so the next team can get in and get ready to play. This goes along with just having a basic respect for others. If we have problems with this or complaints we will not invite said teams back the following year.

Balls: We have been and will continue to provide all the balls for the tournament but as many of you are aware we are not in this to make money but we donít want to lose money on it either. We ask that you please retrieve foul ball,s on your side of the field, each game so we can try to keep costs down and so we can continue to provide balls.

Game play: Every team will play 2 games on Thursday and 2 games on Friday barring rain. The Homerun derby and speed contest will be Saturday Morning and then everyone will receive a 5th game on Saturday afternoon regardless of where they finished in their pool. These games will be matched up based on finish. All teams are expected to show up and play the 5th and final game regardless of prior outcome. Any team not showing for the 5th game will be banned from ever coming back to this tournament, period. It is not fair to leave another team hanging with no game to play. This will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Programs and Shirts and Gate passes: We will have official programs available at the hospitality room and some of the fields. These programs will be free to any College or Pro scout and will be for sale for everyone else.

T-Shirts will be for sale at the hospitality room.

Gate Passes: There is a gate fee at all locations. As many of you know we do not make any money on this tourney only charging you $700 to play so we have to charge gate fee. Day passes and weekend passes will be sold at every location and the hospitality room. A day pass will get you in to all locations for said day as a weekend pass will get you in every location all weekend.